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March 15-16 2024

JIA around the world - Winter School 2023

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

This year's winter school was dedicated to the JIA, and it was fascinating to assess the situation in the world in the context of a global understanding of cooperation and rising problems.

The main challenges facing physicians in Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin and South America, Africa, and India were analyzed surprisingly comprehensively and in-depth manner.

Despite the ethnic, cultural, and economic diversity, it should be noted that the routine problems and challenges faced by pediatric rheumatologists from different countries daily have much in common.

Among the common obstacles are the following:

  • The lack or absence of registries significantly limits epidemiological studies and does not allow the estimate of the true prevalence of JIA in populations.

  • All representatives reported a poor level of awareness of rheumatic diseases in childhood.

  • The low number of pediatric rheumatologists compared to developed countries and their predominant concentration in large cities make access to medical care uneven.

  • Noted limited access to modern diagnostic and treatment options, especially biologic DMARDs that leeds to undertreatment of the disease and minimal improvement.

  • Extremely limited or no access to rehabilitation and social adaptation programs.

The primary way to overcome the current situation is to ensure and provide further cooperative work between physicians and healthcare professionals in different countries, with the involvement of varying-level experts and specialists.

Involvement of social networks and web platforms to raise awareness, provide education and build trustful relationships among parents and physicians.

Yulia Vyzhga,

Winter School 2023, Chateau d'Oex, Switzerland



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