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Grant : 02/01/24 to 30/09/24 - France

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About the FAI2R/CLIPS Grant

The Still's disease is a rare condition, and treatment strategies are typically based on national recommendations outlined in the National Diagnosis and Care Protocols (PNDS). Despite the availability of PNDS since 2017, there has been no assessment of its real-world implementation, leading to potential variations in prescribed therapeutic strategies. This national project named JIR CliPS, embedded in an international initiative funded by COST, aims to evaluate the clinical practical strategies (CliPS) used in real-life scenarios, providing a comparative analysis with existing national recommendations and shedding light on the global landscape of care practices for inflammatory diseases, including Still's disease.

The international project progresses through three phases: questionnaire development, distribution to relevant physicians, and data analysis to document real-world therapeutic plans worldwide. While international data analysis is ongoing, this initial analysis focuses on 750 responses from physicians in 44 countries, including 60 from France. The recruitment of additional participants is ongoing to gather more data from France and worldwide.

The project aims to conduct a sub-analysis of national data, comparing it to French recommendations in the PNDS for Still's disease in both children and adults. Following the methodology established in the JIR CliPS project, a young French physician, supported by the CLiPS team, will lead the analysis with the goal of publishing a scientific article in an international peer-reviewed journal.

Activities in a nutshell

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Research (French)

Play a key role in the JIR project by managing and analyzing CLIPS data, with a focus on Still's disease within the French medical community as a pilot.

Aim to benefit FAI2R and the French medical community, fostering ongoing improvements in healthcare practices.

Support will be provided by the JIR Cohort team covering data management, data analysis and integration with the JIR-CliPS network.

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Mentorship from renown experts

Benefit from scientific guidance by two French experts, Pr. Sophie Georgin-Lavialle (adult rheumatologist) and Dr. Véronique Hentgen (peaditric rheumatologist) actively involved in the JIR CLIPS project ensuring your seamless integration into the project's scientific framework.


International Networking

  1. Engage in the international scientific community by attending the JIR CliPS Managing Committee meeting and the JIR Winter School in Les Diablerets, Switzerland, optimizing collaboration and learning from esteemed experts.

  2. Immerse in an enriching 5-day visit to Lausanne alongside the STSM grantees from the JIR CLiPS project, guided by international experts in the field of the juvenile inflammatory rheumatism, engage in clinical case discussions and data analyses.


The grantee will conduct the French sub-analysis of the international project under the guidance of the French scientific leaders, Prof. Georgin-Lavialle and Dr. Véronique Hentgen. Additionally, they will have unique opportunities to network with international young physicians and domain experts during two events organized by the COST/CliPS network, enhancing their international connections.

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Dr Véronique Hentgen:

Head of the local medical unit for auto-inflammatory diseases & Paediatric infectious disease consultant - Centre hospitalier Versailles (FR)

Pr Sophie Georgin Lavialle:

Internal medicine,French National Reference Center for autoinflammatory diseases and AAamyloidosis,  Tenon Hospital Paris (FR)

Practical details

Budget, timeline and duration

02/01/24 to 30/09/24 - FRANCE
Application closed

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Duration : 9 months

Number of grants : 1

Main Mission : 

  • Describe the clinical and therapeutic strategies employed by French physicians in the management of Still's disease in both children and adults.

Secondary Mission : 

  • Compare the strategies routinely employed by French physicians in clinical practice with the recommendations outlined in the National Diagnosis and Care Protocols (PNDS) for Still's disease.

  • Identify potential reasons for any disparities between the recommended guidelines and the actual therapeutic plans implemented in real-life situations.

Final Report : Once mission is finished, the grantee is required to present his final data analysis to the FAI2R team (in french) and simultaneously submit a scientific article (in english).

Financial support : € 2700*

  • €1500 for the CLIPS Core meeting

+ participation in the JIR Winter School.

  • €1200 for travel and accommodation in Lausanne 1 week STSM in spring 2024.

*Transfered when mission starts

Other events : 

  • Participation in the JIR CLiPS Managing Committee meeting +  JIR Winter School March 14th to 17th, 2024 - Les Diablerets, Switzerland

  • A week in Lausanne between May 13th and June 7th 2024, concurrently with the COST STSM grantees of the international under the guidance of project leaders.

How to apply

Eligibibilty  : Applicants must be located in France to be eligible for consideration.

1. Submission Process:​ Applications need to be submitted through the form below. No extra CV or cover lever shall be sent. Please answer all questions of the form.

2. Qualifications:

  • Being a junior medical professional (e.g., junior doctor, final-year medical intern, specialist intern, assistant specialist, or clinical assistant) is considered an advantag

  • Language Proficiency: all analyses will be conducted in French, mentored by two French physicians. However, a good level of English is required, as the project is international, data will be collected in English as well as meetings and evenets related to the JIR CLIPS project.

Mandatory Participation:

  • Attend the COST/CLiPS Managing Committee meeting and the JIR Winter School, scheduled from March 14 th to 17th , 2024, in Les Diablerets, Switzerland.

  • Undertake a 5-day working visit to Lausanne, scheduled between May 13 and June 7, 2024. This period aligns with the presence of laureates from the international COST/CLiPS project, under the guidance of project leaders.

These requirements are essential for a successful application and ensure active engagement in the collaborative and international nature of the project.

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