Real Life Clinical Practice Strategies

The JIR-CliPS project aims to collect real life clinical practice strategies from worldwide physicians taking care of the following 5 medical conditions:

  • Lupus Nephritis

  • Kawasaki disease and IgA vasculitis

  • Monogenic autoinflammatory diseases

  • PFAPA and SURF

  • SJIA / Still's disease

The final goal is to develop a repository of clinical practice strategies from which the treating physician, anywhere in the world, can choose the most applicable strategy for their local clinical practice.


Project team

Circle 1

Strategy and Finance

Daiva Gorczyca

Helmut Wittkowski

Katerina Theodoropoulou

Michaël Hofer

Sophie Georgin-Lavialle

Sylvia Kamphuis

Tilmann Kallinich

Véronique Hentgen

Circle 2

Scientific aspects

Lupus Nephritis

Alexandre Belot

Amani Mubarak

Angela Migowa

Audrey Laurent

Eve Smith

Marleen Verkaaik

Raffaella Carlomagno

Sylvia Kamphuis

Kawasaki and IgA vasculitis

Arune Ramanauskiene

Ausra Snipaitiene

Daiva Gorczyca

Rolando Cimaz †

Teresa Giani

Tilmann Kallinich

Monogenic Autoinflammatory Disease

Helmut Wittkowski

Inès Elhani

Roberta Caorsi

Tanja Hinze

Véronique Hentgen


Caroline Vinit

Manel Mejbri

Marco Gattorno

Michaël Hofer

SJIA / Still's disease

Dirk Föll

Katerina Theodoropoulou

Maurine Jouret

Soad Hashad

Sophie Georgin-Lavialle

Yulia Vyzhga

Natasa Toplak

Circle 3

Regional Coordination

To participate to the project please contact your regional coordinator. If there is no coordinator for your country, contact here.

Brazil: Cristina Lanna

Ghana: Dzifa Dey

New-Zealand: Jacqueline Yan

Switzerland: Michaël Hofer

On going recruitment for other countries


CliPS participants

We look for worldwide participation so please contact us if you wish to participate to this project