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March 15-16 2024

JIR CliPS - Short Term Scientific Mission - Lausanne 2023

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

This year, we are pleased to announce a significant and innovative opportunity for the JIR CliPS program, as we welcomed last week ten grantees from various countries to Lausanne. Thanks to the support of COST fundings, these talented physicians are joining us for four weeks to work on our valuable CliPS data. With diverse backgrounds and levels of expertise, our grantees hail from Portugal, Turkey, Lithuania, Italy and Ukraine. Together, they will focus their efforts on analyzing the data collected over the past months, aiming to extract real-life clinical practice strategies from worldwide physicians taking care of the following 5 medical conditions:

Lupus Nephritis, Kawasaki disease and IgA vasculitis, Monogenic autoinflammatory diseases, PFAPA and SURF. This collaborative endeavor marks a significant milestone for both our grantees and the JIR CliPS, offering great networking opportunities and a chance to fully harness the potential of our data.

We would like to give a warm welcome to Valentina Natoli, Seher Sener, Jurgita Marciulynaite, Zeynep Balik, Muserref Kasap Cuceoglu, Fatih Haslak, Margarida, Ricardo Craveiro Costa, Yulia Vyzhga, and Sofia Ferreira Azevedo.

Unleashing the Power of Data

For the first year of the program, we have invested most of our time in the collection of data related to the five medical conditions.

As of today, we have gathered more than 700 answers from physicians hailing from 34 countries across the globe.

Through the study of these conditions, our grantees are presented with a valuable opportunity to gain deep insights into the practical strategies employed by physicians worldwide, aiming to provide optimal patient care. The analysis of this data holds the potential to reveal innovative approaches and offer valuable insights into successful clinical practices.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the physicians who generously took the time to answer our questionnaire and contribute to the gathering of our valuable CliPS data. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of our little patients worldwide. Thank you!

"I have learned a lot in just one week and hope to continue this way. We have already made some preparations for further data analysis, as well as improving the questionnaire and presenting the main aspects of Kawasaki disease to colleagues. " - Jurgita

"Ambitious project with a well-organized and friendly team"- Margarida

Expert Mentorship and Collaborative Exchange

Recognizing the value of mentorship and collaborative learning, JIR CliPS has invited 8 experts from various parts of Europe to visit our grantees in Lausanne: Michael Hofer (CH), Katerina Theodoropoulou (CH), Sophie Georgin Lavialle (FR), Alexandre Belot (FR), Sylvia Kamphuis (NL), Tilmann Kallinich (DE), Marco Gattorno (IT), and Veronique Hentgen (FR). These distinguished experts will engage in discussions surrounding challenging cases specific to each disease and share their wealth of experience with the grantees. Such mentorship is invaluable, providing our grantees with guidance, support, and the opportunity to refine their skills under the guidance of well know physicians. This exchange of knowledge ensures that the transformative experience goes beyond data analysis, nurturing the personal and professional growth of our grantees.

"I enjoy meeting kind and hard-working scientists, and I learn lots of things."- Fatih Haskak

"My first week has been amazing and beyond what I had anticipated. Working closely with such inspiring people has been a great experience. Their expertise and passion have made me feel motivated and excited to achieve more. Each interaction reminds me of the potential that lies ahead, and I'm eager to make the most of this incredible journey."- Ricardo

"The discussions with the experts have been outstanding, and the level of enthusiasm shown by everyone, not just the grantees, has been remarkable. I am already gaining so many valuable insights and different perspectives from the collaborative working groups, and I can't wait to see what exciting things are in store for us next!" - Valentina

Networking Opportunities and First-Time Collaborations:

The arrival of the ten grantees has created a vibrant environment for the JIR CliPS, offering great networking prospects. With individuals from diverse countries and backgrounds, each bringing their unique perspectives, our grantees have the chance to forge meaningful connections that extend beyond the duration of this program. This international collaboration not only broadens their professional network but also lays the groundwork for potential future collaborations. By fostering connections and facilitating the exchange of ideas, we strive to create a lasting impact that extends far beyond the four weeks in Lausanne.

" After the first week, I am really happy to be here and have an opportunity to collaborate with a great team."- Jurgita

"In my first week, I was impressed by the incredible atmosphere and energy of everyone involved in the STMS CliPS project. "- Valentina

We are very happy to have the ten grantees in Lausanne 2023. We look forward to the upcoming weeks filled with exciting research and collaboration. Stay tuned for updates on this transformative journey by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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