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The Juvenile Inflammatory Rheumatism network

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About the JIR network

The JIRcohort is an international network of specialists taking care of patients with Juvenile Inflammatory Disease. The network was created in 2013 by a group of french speaking doctors from Belgium, France and Switzerland. Since then the network has grown and is active in 96 centers from 11 countries. The data of more than 10'000 patients through 45'000 visits has been collected.

The network is built around the JIR platform which allows each member to securely collect follow-up data of his patients. Each member can develop his own research project based on the data from the whole network.

On the modular based platform, specific data can be collected for the following diseases: 

Auto-inflammatory disease / Dermatomyositis / Juvenile Inflammatory Arthritis (JIA) / Kawasaki and MIS-C disease / Lupus (SLE) / Still's disease / Uveitis

Rolando Antonella March 2017_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Rolando Cimaz - the gentle giant RIP

With deep sadness, we from the JIR cohorte send you this message.

Our colleague and wonderful friend Rolando Cimaz passed away suddenly end of January 2022.

We have lost a giant in pediatric rheumatology. He brought so much to our specialty all over the world with so many scientific achievements and advocacy for the field. 

Rolando was always full of energy to teach, participate in projects,  and help young colleagues. And always ready to take time with his friends for a beer, a slice of pizza and a shot of espresso. And a twinkle in his eye for a humorous moment.

He was with us for many events and always invested his energy. For the CliPS project, he was very enthusiastic and brought all his support to the group and the whole team.

We cannot realize that we will not see him again. We will all miss him so much but his memory will continue to inspire us.

Our deepest condolences to his wife Antonella, son Federico and daughter Beatrice.

Michaël Hofer in the name of the JIR community

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