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March 15-16 2024

The many "faces" of JIA - TMJ involvement

Introducing the JIR Academy Forum

The JIR Academy is an online platform designed for pediatric rheumatologists, providing the latest updates on trends and offering opportunities to engage with a global community. Our mission is to help you tackle your clinical questions, especially those Monday morning dilemmas.

Podcasts :

Every week, Professor Michael Hofer, a senior consultant in pediatric rheumatology and immunology from Lausanne, Switzerland, and Doctor Raju Khubchandani, a senior consultant pediatric rheumatologist from Mumbai, India, dive into recent publications, guidelines, and insights in pediatric rheumatology through our podcast series.

In this free episode, Michael and Raju discuss learnings from some Danish papers on consequences of involvement of the TM joint and describe the 2 minute internationally derived multidisciplinary protocol to evaluate this joint at every visit.


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